Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's About Time for a Story ...

One of my on-line friends, Giles, requested some stories from me about my locked life.  Who am I to deny such a request?

His request "I think it's time you shared some of your actual "locked boi" adventures with us! For example, do you date only within the BDSM community, or is the gay dating scene more accepting of variations? (Are there in fact lots of "locked bois"?)

Are you upfront about your status, or do your partners discover it? How does that go? Go on... please share!"

The trick here is the word "actual" so ...

Now that I'm "older" sex doesn't happen all that frequently (which is too bad) but I'm really looking for love again.  Not that I wouldn't love a fuck buddy or Dom or even a one night stand ...

A friend of mine, who didn't know my kinky self, introduced me to a guy for a blind date.  He wasn't the type, physically, that turned me on ... a bear-y type guy with a bit of a "used and thrown aside wet" look.  However, he was a chef and actually quite funny.  We went out several times ... dinner dates, group dates for movies (I dragged him to a horror movie and he didn't talk to me for a week!), etc.

Since I wasn't really turned on by his looks I was thinking only about having a new, funny friend.

After a few months we stopped going out and chatting all that often.  A few weeks of no communication I decided to call him (again) to find out what was what.  He said he had been so into me that when I didn't respond he figured I wasn't interested in him.  Not wanting to hurt his feelings I said "Well, you never tried to get physical with me ... no kissing, no physical indication ... if you were that interested, why didn't you make a move?"  I like my men a bit more forward.

"I'm sorry.  I want you in my life.  Why not come over?  We'll do dinner and watch a movie."

He comes over that evening all 4S'd and I thought "Uh oh."

"Oh shit, Ron!  I thought we were going to eat in, you're all ready to go out.  Let me take a quick shower and get dressed properly." I dashed to the bathroom, stripped and jumped in the shower, did a quick wash.  As I walked into my bedroom he was there, glass of wine in his hand, looking at my stack of blue rays.

He turned around as I came in - towel around my waste - he smiled broadly and handed me a glass of wine, "I'm going to fuck you."

I'm panicking a little 'cuz my cock is locked and he doesn't know.  He knows I'm a total pig bottom, but he doesn't know about the BDSM / chastity kink. I bring the glass to my lips as he steps closer and slam this wine.  He reaches forward and yanks the towel off.

"HOLY FUCK!" and he almost drops his glass.  "What the fuck is that?"

"A chastity device."

"A what?"

My time to turn the tide.  "Who cares? I don't need it anyway." and drop to my knees.  I unzip his pants and pull them down to his knees, then bury my face in his crotch, munching on his swiftly hardening cock through his underwear.  I hear the clink as he sets his wine glass down on my dresser.  He grabs my head and grinds my face into him harder.

By now, the fact that I'd been locked'n'denied for a little over 4 months, my horniness took over and my cock engorged in the cage and started to drip as he used my head as his "Fleshlight."  I yanked those underwear down and sucked his cock into my mouth.  He was average-sized so it was easy to deep throat him.

God it felt good to feel a cock sliding between my lips.

It seemed no more than a minute or two before he pulled my head into him and thrust his cock deep into my throat and blew a load.  I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to taste it.  I managed to push him away and I looked up at him, "Man, I wanted you to fuck me."

"Ohhhhh I'm gonna fuck you all right."  He pulls me up for a deep kiss and I start peeling away his clothes.

"Fuck me, please." I climbed onto my bed, my hole twitching and yearning for a man's cock ... any man's cock.

"Where's your lube?"


He yanks the drawer open and smiles widely.  He pulls out this big-ass vibrator called "The Twister" that I'd left in there.  He brings the vibe and the lube and gets on the bed with me.  "Get on your hands and knees."  I do.  The cool lube drips on my hole and he shoves two fingers inside.

"ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuckkk" He twists them left and right, fucks my hole roughly ... he's horned for me and getting impatient.  I look backward and see him lubing the vibe.  I want to tell him I need more work on my hole before he uses that on me ... trust me, it's BIG.  He puts the end of the vibe to my hole and smiles evilly at me, slowly adding pressure.

He turns the vibe on, right to full speed - this thing uses 3 C batteries, it's that powerful - and my body shudders in ecstasy. I bury my face into a pillow and moan.  My hole relaxes and I yelp as the vibe pops passed the opening.  He's slowly moving and wiggling it around and my lust takes over and all I begin to think about is that wonderful feeling in my hole.

I hear him moan as he begins sliding that vibe in and out.  I've relaxed enough now that I begin fucking back onto the vibe trying to get as much of its 12 inches into my as possible.  The vibing is driving my prostate crazy and I can feel my cock dribbling on my legs.

"Make me your bitch, Ron." He rips the vibe out of my ass. "Oh shit." I know my hole is gaping for him.  He quickly moves behind me and shoves his cock into me.  I'm disappointed.  Nothing can feel as good as that monster vibe.  But it really doesn't matter, I want him to blow inside me.   "Fuck me."

And, fuck me he does.  Even though he's been yanking his cock this whole time, his previous orgasm has put him still into recovery mode.  He fucks me and fucks me.  My hole tightens up and now I feel the sweetness of man's cock inside me.  I'm also lovin' the furry heaviness of his body on top of mine.

Despite his size (weight) he's working my hole hard and tossing me into all kinds of positions until I finally end on my back.  I'm holding my legs wide and he's grabbing my pierced nipples and pulling, twisting and yanking on them.  It's times like this that I wonder if this is how a woman feels.

I see him getting ready to blow and he starts calling me "bitch" and "whore" and "pussy."  I love it!

I have to let go of my ankles and push against my headboard so he doesn't knock me unconscious.  He groans/screams and does that single deep unloading thrust followed by mini pumps to get every drop out of his balls.

He sits back, cock still inside me.  I start coming out of my lust haze to see his smile and the sweat pouring off of him, his chest heaving from the exertion.  "I haven't fucked like that in a loooong time."  He pulls out and rolls to my side.  He's all tender now, strokes my body, rubs my heavily worked nipples; then he reaches down to my locked cock and plays with it, squeezes it.

"Why do you do this?"

"So I can experience what we just did."  You all know how hard it is to describe why we have our cocks locked.

"Don't you want to cum?"

"Oh shit, yeah."

"So let's take it out.  I wanna suck it."

It took everything to tell him, "No.  Maybe later."

Eventually we got up and showered.  He got dressed.  I stayed naked.  I made dinner for him as it was way too late to go out.  We chatted over dinner and I told him how I got into this and why I "like" it.

We fucked several more times after that.  But, the reality was that I wasn't all that attracted to him and he was "versatile" and wanted dick to suck and get fucked by.  Eventually, he found someone to fulfill his sexual needs and we're back to being acquaintances that chat on the phone every so often.


  1. Lovely report, dear LnD, I enjoyed it a huge lot.

    I really hope that one day your wish will come true to find true love, hot sex included of course.

    Regards, Roland

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    1. Amazing story and well told!

      Are there many of you in the gay community? It’s just I’ve noticed a category of male CB wearers who are not very interested in being unlocked – I’ve been using the term “chayste”. Your blog made me wonder if – via the gay scene - this would become a mainstream sexuality.

      BTW The gallery at the bottom of your blogger template actually covers up the comments thread!